How we help protect your business

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Local 24/7 support

If your business is hacked or cyber attacked, you can contact our locally-based technical experts any time, night or day via phone or online chat.
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Telstra Internet Protection

Once we set it up for you, it will help guard your web and email services against cyber threats and attacks like phishing, malware and ransomware.
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Monthly updates

New viruses and hacks appear all the time. We'll help keep you informed of the latest threats and how to guard against them.
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Regular check-ups

You may redeem four assessments throughout the year that provide recommendations to help you stay better protected.

Simple plan. No upfront costs.

Business Cyber Security Services

$80 month to month

4 tech assessments every 12 months
(limit of 1/mth)

Personalised recommendations, with email updates to help keep your security on track

Telstra Internet Protection, which provides cloud-based web and email filtering to help guard your business

24/7 phone or online support for:
- Security incidents
- Post-breach recovery
- Network security
- Configuring firewalls & end point protection
- Back-up and recovery plan
- Anti-virus software set up
- Malicious software removal
- Activating your Telstra Internet Protection

Longer call wait times for existing customers

Due to COVID-19 impacts, you may experience long call wait times.
We thank you for your patience.

How Telstra Internet Protection works

Telstra Internet Protection consists of two cloud-based services: Internet Protection Web and Internet Protection Mail.
They both feature advanced security tools, the latest intelligence and the inbuilt security of Telstra networks.
Talk to us today and we’ll help set up Telstra Internet Protection to your Cyber Security Services for you.

Internet Protection Web

  • Helps block many threats before they reach your network
  • Allows for consistent security policies to help your staff feel safe
  • Lets you monitor web activity on your network and devices
  • Helps stop users accessing inappropriate content

Internet Protection Mail

  • Helps detect phishing, malware, ransomware, viruses and spam
  • Improves email continuity
  • Works at high speed with low latency
  • Gives you full email visibility across your network

Best thing is we help set it up for you!

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  • Services are not available for some devices and software. Cost of any software/hardware not included. Data charges may apply. Fair Use Policy applies. Report and recommendations must not be relied upon as an alternative to advice from a qualified professional or and you should ensure your monitor your own practices and investigations.