Lost it? Locate it.

Missing your phone or tablet? All is not lost.
Telstra Device Locator? on the Telstra 24x7 app
can help you locate it.

For SIM-enabled devices connected to the Telstra Mobile Network only.
Data charges may apply.


What is Telstra Device Locator? 

Telstra Device Locator is a feature in the Telstra 24x7 App that uses GPS and the Telstra Mobile Network to locate lost devices. This feature allows you to see both Android and iOS devices on the same map; devices can be both SIM-enabled phones and tablets on your Telstra Account.

Why use Telstra Device Locator?

See the big picture

See all your registered devices on one map – Telstra Device Locator works with both Android and iOS.

Play a sound

Know your device is nearby but still can’t locate it? Use Telstra Device Locator to make it play a sound.

Send a message

Communicate with whoever finds your device by creating a custom a message with a contact number that’ll display on screen.

Getting started with Telstra Device Locator


How to activate Telstra Device Locator and find your lost phone/tablet

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Want to know more?

What does opting in mean?

When Telstra 24x7 App users choose to opt-in and enable location permissions they’ll become part of a Bluetooth? locator community that allows Telstra mobile customers to securely and anonymously help each other to find lost valuables. When Telstra Locator launches this year, the service’s tags include Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth locator community will help an owner find one of these tags and other compatible Bluetooth devices if lost.

Can I opt out of this feature?

Telstra Device Locator users can choose not to setup the Telstra Device Locator feature, the feature will remain available in the 24x7 App to set up at any time, but will not locate devices under account unless setup. This feature can also be deactivated at a later date if users decide to opt out.

Who has access to my devices location?

Telstra Device Locator users can choose to share or not share their device location with other users under their Telstra account by selecting the share button on or off.  Where a user chooses to share the location of their device, anyone who has a Telstra ID to view the same customer account in the 24x7. App will be able to see the device’s location on a map.

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