Telstra Exchange Regional Stories

How tough is the Tough Max 3?

There's loads to like about the new Tough Max, but most importantly, it's tougher than ever before.

SMS over WiFi

We've enabled a feature on our network to help you more easily receive SMS messages wherever you are.?

Keeping regional Australia informed with COVID-19 updates

We want to reassure customers in rural and regional Australia that we recognise many people are still recovering from devastating bushfires, and during this health crisis.

How to improve your Telstra mobile experience

Network coverage extension devices

Extend your mobile coverage in low reception areas.

Blue Tick handsets for rural areas

For the best possible voice coverage in regional and rural locations, choose a mobile phone with our ‘Blue Tick’.

Telstra Wi-Fi Calling

We provide basic voice calling compatibility on compatible mobile devices when you’re connected to a supported Wi-Fi network and you can’t connect to the Telstra Mobile Network.

Improve your Wi-Fi coverage

Enjoy a better home or office internet experience with our Wi-Fi solutions and tips to help improve your Wi-Fi setup.

Telstra Air

Telstra Air customers can connect to Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network to access unlimited data using your mobile device or laptop.

Telstra 4G satellite small cell technology

Providing access to 4G services on the Telstra mobile network for people in remote areas of Australia.

How we can help you

Reporting a coverage problem

You can report a coverage problem online.

Disaster preparation and assistance packages

Before and during any disaster, we’re here for you.

Our coverage

Check what mobile coverage is available in your area.

Our IoT network and solutions

Explore our IoT possibilities.

Need tech help?

Get expert help online or over the phone with Telstra Platinum?.

Telstra Mobile Satellite

In remote areas, Telstra’s mobile satellite network and products provide coverage you can rely on.

Mobile Black Spot Program

Telstra is rolling out more than 780 new mobile sites across rural and regional Australia.

Need more help?

Customer Service Guarantee

Need information on standard connection and repair timeframes?

Find a store

Find your nearest Telstra store or Wi-Fi hotspot.


Find answers to common questions about your Telstra products and services.

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For general enquiries, please call us on 13 2200. Or contact your Regional Australia local team.