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We believe technology has the power to do wonders. It can prepare your business for the future, even conjure up your made to measure Hybrid Cloud. Partner with Telstra and prepare for business success in the digital age.


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We explore what organisations need to consider to ensure the optimal use of a blend of cloud and non-cloud resources.

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Where performance and innovation begins

In order to succeed in the digital age, organisations are striving to find the balance of maintaining compliance, risk, and user experience without it getting in the way of the innovation required to compete and win.

Hybrid Cloud has emerged as the preferred solution, for creating the bridge between private infrastructure for critical legacy applications to the thriving world of cloud-native apps that take full advantage of public cloud flexibility and scale.

However, hybrid is not without its challenges and that’s where we can help. Whether it’s design, migration, compliance, or connectivity, Telstra provides the expertise and platforms to optimise the journey to Hybrid Cloud.

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Customer success story: Komatsu Australia

Komatsu Australia is part of the Komatsu Group worldwide, and one of the largest manufacturers of earthmoving and mining equipment globally.

Komatsu Australia implemented Telstra’s hybrid ready private cloud. By leveraging infrastructure as a service, the team are no longer managing VMS and data centres on a day-to-day basis and are now more focused on delivering against business outcomes.

One benefit Komatsu Australia realised through Hybrid Cloud, is scalability when required without the need for additional capital investment.

   Download our 2018 Best practice guide to Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is becoming the strategy of choice for enterprises. Within this guide we map out the four stages of Hybrid Cloud adoption and set out a blueprint for success at each stage.

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Hybrid Cloud problems we solve


Preparing your migration

Organisations need to design a Hybrid Cloud strategy that addresses all requirements and is sufficient for the long-term.

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Hybrid ready networking

Your network could be limiting the flexibility and agility gained by Hybrid Cloud. Here’s how you can ‘cloudify’ your network to optimise your IT.

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Compliance and performance

The need for agile, scalable IT doesn’t have to mean ceding control to individual business units. Learn how to get visibility of cloud usage and performance across the business.

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Maximising your data agility

As the volume of data created and stored continues to grow exponentially, organisations need to consider the implications of data sprawl between providers. Read how to keep data agile. 

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